Natural Face Cleansers – The Inside Story

Natural face cleansers, when well formulated, are a great help to the good health and appearance of your skin.

What do you mean well formulated? There are numerous ingredients to choose between; many techniques of production and most important, the pH of the face cleanser. Each of these points is important to consider.

Facial Cleansing is a vital step in anti-ageing and avoidance of acne. In the case of a young teenager, regular cleansing can be all it takes to stop pimples forming.

For any cleanser to work, a surfactant must be included. Surfactants are used in all cleaning products, from auto cleaners to washing up liquid to face cleansers.

Surfactants dissolve oil particles, which in the case of your face, can include makeup and natural sebum (oil) secreted daily. When we are dealing with our valuable face, the most gentle of surfactants must be used.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate has been, and is employed, all over the world by cosmetic firms but can be detrimental and may cause irritation of the skin.

A top quality natural face cleanser will utilize a vegetable derived surfactant like caprylyl/capryl Glucoside or coco glucoside obtained from coconut. These ingredients are super delicate, non irritating and eco friendly.

Moisturizing inclusions will include olive oil, macadamia oil, apricot, coconut or almond oils.

The pH of a skin care product whether it be cleanser, moisturiser or serum is really important.

Face Cleansers pH ideally sits at roughly 5 – 6. If the pH is higher, irritation and stinging can occur. Flaking may be another side-effect. Soaps are usually 8 – 10. Neutral is 7, acid is below 7 and alkaline is above 7.

The pH of your face skin can alter between 4.6 – 5.6. Cleansers that have a high pH can not just dry your skin but damage the protective surface layer of the skin as well.

Avoid cleansing your face with soap. Select instead a top-notch Natural Cleaner that holds gentle but effective ingredients.

Irene McDonald is a formulator of natural skin care products. Of specific interest is the skin problem Rosacea.

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