How To Keep Your Skin Smooth And Protect Against Stretch Marks

Exactly What Are These Marks?


Stretch marks are very slender streaks on the skin. These types of streaks begin as a light pink color and then turn red or purple. At some point, the streaks reduce to a light silvery-white color.


What Causes These Kinds Of Marks To Appear


These marks occur throughout times of fast weight gain such as pregnancy or even growing up. Essentially, the marks usually are because of modifications in the elastic supportive tissue underneath the skin. When the tissue cannot accommodate the fast stretching of your skin, stretch marks occur.


Is There A Method To Predict If I Am Going To Get Stretch Marks?


One particular very good method to predict if you will get stretch marks is always to ask the people inside your family in the event that they have them. Should your mom, your aunt, along with your grandma almost all developed stretch marks during their pregnancies, there’s a good possibility that you will also.


There usually are a few things that may improve your chances of obtaining these marks.


Such as:


  • Having an inherited predisposition to them
  • In the event that you gain a lot of weight quickly throughout your pregnancy
  • If perhaps you are carrying triplets or twins
  • If you happen to be carrying a sizable baby
  • in the event that you have excess amniotic fluid all around your own baby


These marks tend to be extremely common. According to statistics, over half of virtually all women ultimately develop these kinds of marks on their skin.


Several women figure out how to accept their marks while other people find them to end up being a great shame. When you find the marks to end up being unappealing, there tend to be some things you can do to minimize or perhaps erase them.


Exactly How Could I Protect Against Stretch Marks?


You can avoid stretch marks in several ways. Such as:


  • Gain weight slowly and steadily. You could have a month exactly where your weight leaps due to the child’s growth, however over all you ought to gain simply 2 to 3 pounds each month.
  • Your own total pregnancy weight gain ought to just end up being between twenty five to 35 pounds.
  • Make use of a cream along with cocoa butter plus glycol upon your belly along with other places exactly where the marks might develop.


Keep in mind that specific creams might not work along with your particular skin type. In other words, making use of lotion may not be successful within reducing the marks.


Do The Marks Actually Diminish?


With time they will fade. They most likely will never totally disappear unless you make use of creams or even get laser surgery. It seems to be easier to get rid of the new marks instead of to fade the more mature marks.


Is There Anything More I Can Do?


Some studies appear to suggest that eating a healthy diet along with consuming a good amount of water could help your own skin to remain supple enough for it to stretch. If perhaps you do utilize ointments and creams, you need to make certain that the ingredients usually are safe to use during pregnancy.


For example, a lot of creams contain Retinol which isn’t meant to be utilized when pregnant. In the event that you happen to be breastfeeding your baby, you may also want to talk with your doctor in order to determine if it’s a good plan, as a few ingredients could be secreted within breast milk.


A few ladies choose to skip the creams all together and use laser treatments to do away with their marked skin. This specific procedure can be carried out in a small amount of time, however it is quite expensive. Additionally, the expenses are not usually covered with insurance.



In the event that you possess stretch marks, or happen to be concerned about getting them, this specific information should help you. Using the tips in this article, you might be in a position to keep your own skin smooth as well as stretch mark free. Best Of Luck!

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